Strange Vacation is an existing lifestyle clothing brand, geared toward female motorcycle riders. The company was created by two women who share a passion for motorcycles, fashion, and storytelling. Strange Vacation defines itself as bold, fearless, and strives to empower women through fashion and attitude. Currently the line has an apparel brand, online store, website, and blog. To further expand the brand they wanted to design a printed manifesto to include with purchases and hand out at trade shows that encapsulated their key ideas and brand philosophy.

When designing the manifesto, my key objectives were to accurately portray the brand’s viewpoints and beliefs, while attracting and inspiring like-minded customers. To evoke a sense of adventure and female empowerment, I played with large-scale cropped typography that created energy and rhythm amongst the spreads. Since the manifesto included a look-book that highlighted the season’s new line, I had to be strategic when it came to the layout and organization of imagery. I took a more minimalistic approach to any spreads that showcased their products. The brand’s existing logo and color palette was enhanced with the addition of the Druk Condensed and Marion typefaces to push contrast with the copy. Printing on newsprint was both a financial and aesthetic choice, allowing the company to print a large volume at a lower cost, while adding a sense of grit from the texture of the paper. 
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