_Beauty Standards
Grange is a high-end makeup line that views personal style as the ultimate form of self expression. A source of strength and creativity,  using their products celebrates exactly who you are on the inside. In the way fashion is a platform to show creativity, Grange encourages users to experiment and be bold. Their products are a way to showcase and craft your opinions, subverting and reclaiming the idea of makeup. Based out of London, products are highly influenced by street fashion and trendsetters. No cookie cutter models here—only unique faces with beautiful flaws. The brand wanted to create a new advertising campaign and packaging system that embodied their bold and disruptive mission.

A brand driven to stand out, Grange demanded its own disruptive, custom typeface. The new typeface is inspired by the ever-so-fashionable and sleek, Didot Ambroise. I elongated the letterforms exaggerating the contrast on the strokes. The typeface is applied with extreme scale on a variety of products and applications. When model casting for this campaign, I searched for fresh, unique faces that represented the diverse atlas of beauty and inclusiveness. A concise, yet powerful tagline was also key to this project. “Be Bold” authentically embodied the brand’s purpose and values.
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